by Autumn on 2005 Nov 10 - 12:54 | reply to this comment Not all aspects "If she found it “not fun” she would not be an actress."

I am an insurance agent. There are aspects of this business that I thouroughly enjoy, such as customer relations, joking with fellow employees, etc. However, I don't find the specifics of insurance-related business fun. I am an insurance agent, even though I find it generally "not fun".

Equally, I find aspects of the male-led relationship to be wonderful, deeply satifying, FUN, and, for me, quite necessary. I do not in any way enjoy getting spanked or beaten. I understand that it is a necessity in order to acheive the end result, and I accept the beatings only in that regard. He could not have the control or authority (that we both desire) over ME without them. For you, perhaps it is fun, or for many others but I don't think it is fair of you to insult me by saying I am silly for not thinking it is fun (a comment that completely disregards the original point I was attempting to convey.)

I love having nice teeth, it is great fun to laugh and smile! I feel satisfied and proud of my healthy-looking white teeth. I had to make many painful dentist visits to have these teeth of which I am so pround. They were not fun.

My husband had to make many painful visits to my ass to get the end result of which is the wonderful "US" that we have become. I love this life and wouldn't want it any other way, just like I wouldn't want missing or yellow teeth!

You must think me silly for not thinking the dentist is fun as well(??).

by Testing Tina on 2005 Nov 10 - 20:55 | reply to this comment

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